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Screenberry360 media server for MIT

The capacity of our powerful Screenberry media server to output video to up to 72 projectors proved central for the unique immersive experience created by OmniSpace Inc. for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT, the world’s mecca of science and engineering, approached Omnispace Inc. to light up a venue for the centennial celebration of its move to Cambridge and to raise funds for the Campaign For a Better World project. The idea was to integrate visuals provided by local artists into a 360° expression of MIT’s history and project it onto a massive 5K-resolution, 160 ft. immersive dome environment.

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FP Studio System for NSC Creative

Front Pictures supplied award-winning British studio NSC Creative with our FP Studio System. NSC Creative develops fulldome content as well as immersive experiences for use across the world.

The FP Studio System consists of a small 3-m portable N-pressure dome and four full HD projectors. The dome may be installed in a standard office with a regular ceiling height.

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Planetarium Brno

Front Pictures integrated server, calibration system and a number of interactive fulldome applications: music visualizer, software for presentations, and Universe simulator in Hvězdárna a Planetarium.

The system works in parallel with an existing projection system, which allows expanding the capabilities of the planetarium – now interactive astronomical sessions, large-scale presentations and concert shows can be carried out there.

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